Raise foal

Are you looking for a nice place for the grow of your foal?

Then there is some good news! At Stud Black Horses we have a please to let your foal rear in a very good atmosphere.

At Stud Black Horses we believe that the rearing of a young horse is a very important phase in horse life. Growing up in a group is important for the development of the horse. We have spacious stables for groups with good ventilation and lots of natural light. Also movement is important for the healty growth of the young horse, that is why they can go outside for at least 1 half day. They can choose by theirselfs if they want to go outside or stay inside. In the summer, the field is connected to the paddocks, so there is free access for the whole couple to the paddock and field. The horses are given a ration specvially tailored tot he age category and this is supplemented several times a day by our feeding robot. This keeps the food fresh and gives your horse the opportunity to grow into a healthy and fully grown horse. In the fideo you will find more informationa bouth the compositon and distribution of the feed.

The owner of the horse always remains responsible, even during the period that the horse is housed on our farm. Of course we will do everything we can for your horse, to give him/her the best possible time in the group. The groups are monitored daily and if something striking is seen, this immediately reported tot he owner. If necessary, our own vet provides medical guidance.

You can place your horse at our stud until it is 3,5 years old. On request we can castrate stallions or have mares covered. You can discuss this with us, so that agreements can be made.

If you want more information  you can fill in the contact form on our website or you can send an email to cvankaathoven@blackhorses.nl

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